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Steve  Iverson with Roger “Casey Jones” Awsumb  in January 1999

This website is dedicated to the memory of Roger Awsumb

This little corner of the internet a celebration of the Casey Jones show and classic kid’s television in Minneapolis.   You’ll find a lot of great memories of Casey and Roundhouse as well as many other local kids television personalities.

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I’d like to thank the following for help with the page: Frank Andrews, Bob Awsumb and Nancy Nelson and Roger Awsumb’s family, Jim Barber, Steve Bethel, John Bittner, Loren Dwyer and Lynn Dwyer’s family, Mary and Judy Herzog, Mitch Hobbins, Larry Iverson, Jimmy Jenson, Jeff Johnson, Phil Johnson, William F Johnson, Jack Kennelly, Paul Krebes, Craig Lang, Mark Luebker, M. Lundeen, Gary McDonald, Jo Ann Merritt, Chris Pfeifer, Joel Rasmussen, Steve Raymer,  Dave Schutz, Dave Sour, Pat Sweeney, Julian West. Colleen Ziwicki.

This page was started  May 4, 1997.  I first wrote about Casey in one of the Usenet TV forums.   Someone sent me an image, and from these grew the page.   In late 1998, I was contacted by Roger Awsumb, who lent his approval to the page.