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Dave Lee – Popeye and Pete

From 1960 to 1970, WTCN had another show featuring a puppet named Pete the Penguin, hosted by Dave Lee (NOT the one who’s on WCCO radio these days).  The show had various names, including  “Popeye and Pete” when they featured Popeye cartoons. Later it was “Dave Lee and Pete” when the Popeye cartoons went elsewhere.   […]

Clancy, Carmen, and Willie

Clancy the Cop (John Gallos), Carmen the Nurse (Mary Davies), and Willie Ketchem (Allan Lotsberg) could be found weekday mornings on WCCO  all the way to 1978. One of the highlights of both shows were Little Rascals/Our Gang comedies. Carman actually started as a charactor on Axel’s Treehouse, and took over when Axel passed away. […]

Axel and his Dog

Clellan Card’s “Axel and his Dog” gets considerably more coverage than Casey, even though Casey was around a lot longer.    The show ran for many years on WCCO. Axel had a little toothbrush mustache. He also talked in an exaggerated Swedish accent, which was a hoot! When he passed away, “Carmen the nurse” (Mary Davies), […]