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Casey Jones Greatest Hits

Casey Jones Greatest Hits imaginary album

Music was always a big part of Lunch With Casey. Casey and Roundhouse would often mime to popular novelty songs of the time. Unfortunately, only a small handful of these performances have survived, but we have been able to identify many of the songs performed on the show. And thanks to YouTube, we can build […]

Casey’s Train

Casey's train

Casey’s train sits at the Jackson Street Roundhouse, undergoing restoration. This feature shows the work being done back in 2007, and features interviews with Robert Aswumb, the son of Casey, and Al DeRusha, who directed Lunch with Casey. This engine sat at Como Park for years, before moving to the museum. Casey was filmed sitting […]

Breakfast with Casey – 1983

Breakfast with Casey

Tom Rivers was working with Roger Awsumb at KRSI/KJJO radio in 1982. WFBT was getting ready to launch on Channel 29, so they went to the station management and pitched the idea of a new Casey Jones show. The photo shows several characters featured on the show, from left to right: Captain Cookie, Uncle Sven […]