1. This was made in about 1964 or 1966 time frame. The book was produced by Bolger Printing in North Minneapolis. My Dad did all of the artwork in the book (including the cover) and he is credited on the back cover. I am not sure if the book in the photo was the first or second edition. Which ever edition it is, the other one had blue highlights on the cover (3 color printing – red, black and blue)

    My Dad arranged a surprise visit of Casey to a Cub Scout pack meeting one night. I am not sure Casey was ever out of character when he was in public.

    Good memories. 40 years since Casey went off the air and my brothers and I still sing the Casey Jones Happy Birthday song to each instead of the more common birthday song.

    Nice to see you preserving all of this.


  2. Great memories! Thanks for sharing!

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