The Happy Birthday Song

Everyone remembers the daily ritual of the Happy Birthday Song.   Casey would sing this tune and then read off a long list of viewer birthdays.

The Happy Birthday Song

Happy happy birthday
to every girl and boy.
Hope this very special day
brings you lots of joy.

Hope this birthday presents
you get from Mom and Dad
will make this very special day
the best you ever had

Happy Birthday!

Someone put this video together using images from this website and posted it to YouTube. It is really well done, so I am including it here.

The origins of the song are a little obscure.   Roger Awsumb said in at least one interview that he wrote the song.   Another report says The Happy Birthday Song was written by a local Minneapolis musician named  Jim Hobbins.   Jim worked behind the scenes at WTCN as an engineer (no pun intended)   In those days, all the commercials and sounds were run manually — this was done by an engineer.  Jim also did  small walk-on parts on the Casey show.  He was a musician who played in local Minneapolis bands.