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The Mayor’s Christmas Party 1971

Here’s a cool poster from a 1971 Christmas event promoting appearances by Casey Jones, Clancy the Cop, and Willie Ketchem, along with a few Hollywood celebrities, and Santa Claus.   Charlie McCarty was the mayor of St. Paul at the time, and was known locally as “Super Mayor.” This is a cleaned up reconstruction of the […]

Roger Awsumb’s Memorial Service

Jack Kennelly attended Roger Awsumb’s funeral and shared this report: Casey Jones will be remembered Roger Leonard Awsumb, known to generations of Minnesota children as Casey Jones, died July 15th following a cardiac arrest in Brainerd. He was 74. A Celebration of the Life of Roger Awsumb “Casey Jones” On Thursday July 18 a service […]

About Casey Jones

The 1950’s and 60’s were a special time for children in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each day there was a kiddy television show called Lunch With Casey. It featured Roger Awsumb as railroad engineer Casey Jones and aired on WTCN channel 11. Roger Awsumb was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota on July 10, 1928 to Ardin and […]