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Updates at Minnestoa KidVid 1-14-2012

I’ve been reposting material from the old Minnesota KidVid site and adding some new.   We’ve added material on Axel, Popeye’s Clubhouse, and Wrangler Steve, featuring Clellan Card, Mel Jass, and Steve Cannon. Wrangler Steve Wrangler Steve – Steve Cannon Clellan Card and Mel Jass Popeye’s Clubhouse – Mel Jass Popeye’s Clubhouse – Captain Dale Coloring […]

Axel and his Dog

Clellan Card’s “Axel and his Dog” gets considerably more coverage than Casey, even though Casey was around a lot longer.    The show ran for many years on WCCO. Axel had a little toothbrush mustache. He also talked in an exaggerated Swedish accent, which was a hoot! When he passed away, “Carmen the nurse” (Mary Davies), […]