Roundhouse and the Gunslingers

Roundhouse Rodney surrounded by two Gunslingers

Sue Tighe shared this photo of Roundhouse Rodney with her father, Paul Hanson, Sr. (on the right.) The photo shows them on the set of Grandma Lumpit’s Boarding House, which was the afternoon show on WTCN. Paul Hanson, Sr was a performer at The Stagecoach in Shakopee as the Gunslinger during the 1960’s. He made several appearances on Casey’s programs along with other performers. Sue remembers the man on the left as Wally, but could not recall the last name. Sue would visit the studios with her father, remembering “I was very familiar with that LONG stairway leading up to the studio, it seemed endless when I was a little girl.”

Paul Hanson Sr dressed as a gunslinger

Thanks to Sue Tighe for sharing these photos and memories of her father, Paul Hanson, Sr.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! Great memories from my childhood. I’m going to dig out more photos of my dad (Paul Hanson Sr) and Roundhouse!

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