The Mayor’s Christmas Party 1971

Here’s a cool poster from a 1971 Christmas event promoting appearances by Casey Jones, Clancy the Cop, and Willie Ketchem, along with a few Hollywood celebrities, and Santa Claus.   Charlie McCarty was the mayor of St. Paul at the time, and was known locally as “Super Mayor.” This is a cleaned up reconstruction of the […]

Bob Duerr from the Como Park Zoo

Bob Duerr in 1967

We all remember Bob Duerr’s frequent visits to Lunch With Casey.   This is a vintage press photo from 1967.   The caption that came with the photo reads “What a way to weigh a python.  Bob Duerr, Como Zoo reptile keeper, stands on a scale with a 16-foot, 1-inch female regal python wrapped around him 1/9 […]

Chef Hank Meadows

Chef Hank Meadows was a well known personality on WTCN-TV, frequently delivering meals to Casey Jones. He hosted a daily cooking show, which ran for 15 years on channel 11.  He promoted his program by creating the “Tired Housewives Club,” who would meet monthly for lunch with local celebrities.   The group at one point claimed […]

Lunch With Casey DVD restocked!

We’ve restocked the Lunch with Casey DVD for the holidays!   A great gift for any baby boomer that grew up in Minnesota.  We’ve also go the Dave Lee Memories DVD, and the Hi Kids! DVD from the Museum of Broadcasting, and Jim Barber’s DVD featuring Breakfast with Casey highlights. Shop at the Lunch With Casey […]