Merry Christmas and Winter Underwear!

Merry Christmas from Lunch with Casey

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season. Sharing the classic Casey clip of Walking in my Winter Underwear. This is the surviving clip from around 1969 when Casey re-recorded the performance in color. The original black and white clip is lost. When Casey originally taped the song, the singer Jimmy Jensen was in the studio. Jimmy told me they also taped a video of Yingle Bells, with Roundhouse as a reindeer pulling the sleigh.

The Winter Underwear performance was slightly scandalous. Apparently a viewer wrote in to complain that it was not appropriate for kits. Casey went on the air and apologized, creating an avalanche of support. People wrote in to tell them how wonderful it was and a Christmas classic was born.

Itch here, scratch there, here is Walkin’ in my Winter Underwear.