Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Lunch With Casey

Here’s the classic Walking in my Winder Underwear featuring Casey Jones miming to Jimmy Jenson’s recording. Jimmy Jenson was in the studio when this clip was being taped and he shared this story with me:

When I was at the studio that day, They also did Yingle Bells. Roundhouse had Roger hooked up to reins & driving him, while he was in a sleigh. While this was going on I had a can of Christmas tree flock, blowing it in front of the camera, looked like it was snowing.

Unfortunately, the clip of Yingle Bells does not seem to exist anymore.

This was posted by someone on You Tube and I’m sharing it here for Christmas. Over on the Minnesota Kid Vid site I’ve posted Axel doing The Night Before Christmas.

You can order Jimmy Jenson’s CD with Walking in my Winter Underwear in the Casey Shop

Just a short note on the goings on at the Lunch With Casey website.  I still have tons of material to post and no time to post it. Hopefully I will get more time to do so in 2012.

I’m also working on a new documentary that will be tentatively titled “Casey Jones, Joe the Cook, and J.P. Patches – the early Channel 11 Kid’s Shows”. It will feature interviews with Chris Wedes (Joe the Cook and others), as well as Daryl Laub (the original J.P. Patches and later T.N.Tatters) and Al DeRusha (WTCN Director). This will feature rare clips from the early days at Channel 11. I’ve got the only known clip of Daryl Laub as J.P.Patches, footage of Roger Awsumb in his Roo Roo the Kangaroo costume with Chris Wedes as Joe the Cook, plus other rare footage and photos. I hope to have this ready by springtime.

We lost the great Dave Lee in November. I posted an obituary. Pete the Penguin and Omar the Alligator are as much a part of our childhood as Axel and Casey. He will be missed by the memories will remain.

Thanks for visiting and keeping the memories alive.


Updated: January 14, 2012 — 10:36 pm