Lunch With Casey relaunches!

Welcome to the new, upgraded Lunch With Casey website.   I’ve reposted all the existing material from the old site using WordPress software to organize the page.   You’ll find that several pages have YouTube clips embeded and I hope to incorporate more of that sort of material in the site.   I’ve integrated with Facebook as well, bringing Casey Jones into the age of social media.    We’ll get Twitter integrated soon too.

The one part of the web that I have chosen to remove is the message board.   Over the past year, I had to battle endless spammers, which made it difficult to keep the forum.   The other side of that is that the forum activity had pretty much ceased anyhow.    I have set up a page for submitting memories to the site and I will post them as they come in.      You can also post on the Lunch With Facebook page, as well as respond directly to most posts if you are registered on this site.

I have more material to include in the site in the future, so stay tuned.  Thanks for all your support and keeping the memory of Casey, Roundhouse and all the classic Minnesota kid television personalities alive all these years.

Steve Iverson

Updated: May 31, 2013 — 12:56 pm