Lunch with Casey needs your help!

The Lunch with Casey website needs your help.  I’m looking for any new material to add to the website — photos, stories, newspaper clippings, or home movies.   I’m interested in material featuring Casey Jones, Roundhouse Rodney, Joe the Cook, or any of the other Minnesota kids TV hosts.   Can you help?

Here’s some things that I expect are floating around out there….

  • audio tapes – I know there are tapes of Casey’s last show from 1972, but I am interested in any audio material you may have recorded
  • studio video tapes and films – some people saved this material, took it home, stashed it in closets.   If you worked at or know people that worked at WTCN, or any of the other Minneapolis stations during the 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s, start looking around!   This is how we located the only surviving episode of the Dave Lee show.
  • home movies – lots of people had 8mm, Super 8 mm, and 16mm home movie cameras.   Do you have home movies from personal appearences?   My dad shot film of Casey back in 1968, so I’m willing to bet others did too!
  • Breakfast with Casey from 1983 – Casey returned to TV on Ch. 29 for about a year.   Did you record any video of this show?
  • personal photos – did you get your picture taken with Casey or Roundhouse?
  • Excelsior Amusement Park or Queen Anne Kiddieland photos.   Casey made appearances at these parks over the years.  I’m looking for photos from the parks, with or without Casey.
  • Newspaper  advertisements, articles, photos, TV Digest and TV Guide clippings.
  • Trading Cards – all the local TV stars handed out these trading cards at personal appearances.   Most of the cards I have found are about the size of a postcard.
  • Your memories of Casey, Roundhouse, Joe the Cook, JP Patches, Captain 11, or any of the other shows that were on the air.

Please contact me at or use the Contact Form

Thank you for visiting the site and helping keep the memories of the show alive!

Steve Iverson