Lunch With Casey – December 27, 1972

Lunch With Casey went off the air at the end of 1972.   No complete programs survive.  There are about and hour or two of clips that have been preserved.   However, at least one audio recording has been preserved.   On December 27, 1972, a young woman named Linda Vesta held a tape recorder to her television speaker.  She saved most of what would be one of the final Lunch With Casey broadcasts.     Now, 44 years later,we are able to bring you a reconstruction of that show.   Please enjoy it.

Some notes about this show:

  • The Metromedia 11 ID is on Linda Vesta’s recording, so we know it was broadcast right before the show started.
  • The show open comes from Roger Awsumb’s archive.   The announcer is from Linda Vesta’s recording.
  • Casey’s lunch came from Uncle John’s
  • Jag Sohdi and his family are the first guests.   Jag Sohdi was an entrepreneur from India who own several retail stores in the Twin Cities selling imported goods.   He was also a palm reader and educator.  In his later years, he wrote several computer books and worked as a defense contractor.
  • The second guest was a representative from the Respiratory Disease Association, talking about asthma.
  • Cartoons included Popeye, Yogi Bear, Professor Kitzel, Porky Pig, and a Cartoon Cut-Ups short.   I’ve inserted the Go-Go Gophers, but it may have been Underdog.   The Popeye cartoon was likely a later King Features episode, and not the early cartoon I have used. The cartoons featured here are representative of what would have been broadcast.
  • There were commercials for Kellogg’s and General Mills.   I have used contemporary ads that are representative of what may have been broadcast.
  • The image used on The Happy Birthday Song is what I remember from when I was a kid.   When I was on the show, I clearly remember the device for the birthdays.  It featured a train painted on a yellow backdrop.   Up until then, I had only seen it on a black and white television.
  • There is an unknown skit near the end of the show.   I’ve included the audio in case anyone can remember or identify it.
  • “What is a Boy” was one of many poems and films that Lynn Dwyer showed on the program.   I’ve dropped in a higher quality clip that survives from the Roundhouse Show, provided by Loren Dwyer.    Roundhouse would read the poem live while airing the film.
  • Lynn Dwyer brought his two boys, Keith and Loren, to the show.    When I told Loren about this recording,  he had no recollections of this appearance.
  • The Rose Parade video was found on YouTube.   The show featured some sort of promo for the broadcast.
  • Roger Awsumb is feeling very sentimental in this program.  He asks the palm reader if he would continue to work with Roundhouse.  When Lynn Dwyer’s boys are on the show, Roger tells them what a great guy Roundhouse is.
  • Linda Vesta’s recording is not quite complete.  She turned off the recorder for cartoons and commercials so it is not clear exactly what cartoons were broadcast.   I have used appropriate representations.   The audio on the recording has a lot of noise and hiss.   It has been professionally cleaned up to make it as presentable as possible.    I have added transcriptions for most of the audio.   At some points I was not able to completely decipher what was said.

My thanks to Linda Vesta for saving this tape all these years and sharing it with us.   My thanks to Loren Dwyer for sharing his father’s film.