Christmas Greetings from Lunch With Casey!

It’s been a Casey Jones holiday favorite since it was first performed on Lunch With Casey.   The story goes that Casey lip synced to Jimmy Jenson’s recording of Walking in My Winter Underwear, while dancing in old style long underwear. After the broadcast, the show received a complaint from a viewer who was upset and thought it was inappropriate. Casey apologized to viewers. And then the station was flooded with calls and letters telling them how funny and wonderful the bit was and that it was in no way offensive. And so the performance became an annual Christmas event. The original performance is long lost, but this re-recording in color from around 1970 survives. Jimmy Jenson passed away this past year, so I share this as a bit of a tribute to him. He always appreciated that people remembered him and this song. So I bring you Casey Jones and Walking in my Winter Underwear.