Celebrating Casey Jones at the Minnesota Transportation Museum

Casey’s Engine at the Jackson Street Roundhouse

On Saturday, March 16, 2019, the Minnesota Transportation Museum at the Jackson Street Roundhouse will be celebrating the birthday of the real life Casey Jones, Jonathon Luther Jones. There will be cookies and milk, and a bit of history. The museum will be showing bits of the Lunch with Casey program, along with the old Alan Hale Casey Jones television show.

Tickets are available at www.trainride.org or by calling us at (651) 228 – 0263, just getting the regular entry ticket(s), and requesting that a note be tagged to the ticket ale stating “Casey Jones Day”. Here is the link

The Jackson Street Roundhouse is home to Engine 2156, which was used as the locomotive on Lunch with Casey. They also have the small trains from Queen Anne Kiddieland, which were driven by Casey back in the 1950’s.

Gary McDonald and Loren Dwyer at the Jackson Steet Roundhouse with Casey’s train.