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A visit with Chris Wedes

I had the pleasure of visiting Seattle recently and spent an afternoon with Chris Wedes, the legendary J.P. Patches.    Chris was known to viewers in Minneapolis as Joe the Cook on the Casey Jones show.   He also portrayed Captain 11 and J.P. Patches on channel 11, before moving to Seattle in 1958.   The J.P. Patches […]

Captain Ken/Grandpa Ken

Ken Wagner brought the Captain Ken show to KMSP in 1960.  The show started in Davenport Iowa in the early 50’s.    The show changed formats in 1967 becoming Grandpa Ken and continued until the early 70’s. You can read more about Ken Wagner on the Captain Ernie’s Showboat website. Interview with Ken Wagner Jack Kennelly […]

Dave Lee – Popeye and Pete

From 1960 to 1970, WTCN had another show featuring a puppet named Pete the Penguin, hosted by Dave Lee (NOT the one who’s on WCCO radio these days).  The show had various names, including  “Popeye and Pete” when they featured Popeye cartoons. Later it was “Dave Lee and Pete” when the Popeye cartoons went elsewhere.   […]