Casey Jones Greatest Hits

Music was always a big part of Lunch With Casey. Casey and Roundhouse would often mime to popular novelty songs of the time. Unfortunately, only a small handful of these performances have survived, but we have been able to identify many of the songs performed on the show. And thanks to YouTube, we can build a playlist of these tunes, which I have called “Casey Jones Greatest Hits.” This is not a real album or CD, but you could certainly build a playlist for your iphone, or burn a CD.

Here is a list of what I have included, so far.

  • Casey Jones – Burl Ives
  • I Love Onions – Susan Christie
  • You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd – Roger Miller
  • The Yellow Rose of Texas – Stan Freeberg
  • Loving You Has Made Me Bananas – Guy Marks
  • Walkin’ in My Winter Underwear – Jimmy Jenson
  • Winchester Cathedral – New Vaudeville Band
  • Catch a Falling Star – Mrs. Miller
  • All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth – Spike Jones
  • Kansas City Star – Roger Miller
  • Happy Birthday Song – Casey Jones
  • You Gotta Have Skin – Allan Sherman
  • The Marvelous Toy – Tom Paxton

A couple notes:

I am not sure if these are the correct versions of Winchester Cathedral, Two Front Teeth, or Marvelous Toy, but these were popular versions that were likely used on Lunch With Casey. These videos no longer exist. Does anyone recall? On a sad note, I actually found the original video tape with the “Two Front Teeth” label. But it had been recorded over with a commercial.

Some surviving video clips are featured in the Lunch With Casey DVD available on this site

I am pretty sure Casey did a version of Puff the Magic Dragon. Did they use the Peter, Paul and Mary version? Does any one remember?

Casey and Roundhouse did a bit to Jimmy Jenson’s version of Jingle Bells, but that video no longer survives.

What else do you remember?

Casey Jones Greatest Hits imaginary album