Casey Jones and “The Right Track to Safety”

Here is an article published in the Milwaukee Road magazine in 1969. The railroad produced a film to promote safety and is was broadcast on Lunch With Casey.


Highlights from the article:

The safety story was told this summer by television’s “Casey Jones,”  Roger Awsumb, whose “Lunch With Casey” program is broadcast daily except Saturday throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area over WTCN channel 11….

On this particular broadcast “Casey’s” guest was W. C. Grandstaff, district safety engineer for the Twin Cities area.  The program featured a showing of “The Right Track” and a talk by Grandstaff aimed at impressing children with a regard for their own safety and the safety of others who might be injured through their carelessness.  Judging by “Casey’s” fan mail, the lesson was taken to heart.   Here is one letter:

“… the kids love trains, and I think the film was excellent for teaching them the dangers involved and some rules.   The oldest asked me to write and tell Casey to have the train movie again….. I am grateful to you and “Roundhouse” for the time and effort you must put forth to give the kits the variety of humor and so many educational experiences….”


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