Casey Jones and Roundhouse Rodney appearances


This is a VERY SMALL  list of known personal appearances by Casey and Roundhouse.    They appeared throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin on a regular basis.  They probably visited thousands of parks, schools, parades, shopping centers and tourist attractions from the early 1950’s and to the time the left us.  These are known, documented appearances.  Of course, if you have further information, please send the details!   I really need you to include some specific documentation such as a newspaper article, or photos.

August 7: 1954: Casey Jones appears with Wrangler Steve and Captain 11 at WMIN Kids Day at Excelsior Park. 

December 21, 1961:  Casey and Roundhouse appear at the Minneapolis Traffic Club’s 40th Annual Christmas Party at the Variety Club Heart hospital auditorium. (University of Minnesota press release)

October 31, 1962:   Casey and Roundhouse appeared at a Waconia Halloween event sponsored by the VFW and Auxiliary Post.

December 12, 1964:  Casey and Roundhouse appeared a Christmas Party for the St. Paul Electrical Workers. (Electrical Workers Journal, Mar. 1965)

April 12-13, 1966: Le Sueur MN.  Casey and Roundhouse were slated to appear at the fourth annual Farm & Home at the Valley Rollerarena.  (Le Sueur News Herold website 4/11/2011)

April 20-24, 1966:  Casey and Roundhouse, along with Romper Room’s Miss Betty Douglass, Dave Lee, and Clancy and Carman appeared at the opening of Crossroads Shopping Center in St. Cloud.  (St. Cloud Then and Now)

March 1968:  Casey and Roundhouse were scheduled for a Father-Son Banquet at the Zion Luthren Church in Buffalo MN.  (The Voice newsletter.  Mar 2008)


Summer 1968.   Casey Jones appears at Paul Bunyan Center in Brainerd.   (photo by James Iverson)

Summer 1968:  Casey and Roundhouse appear at the Kolacky Kiddie Parade in Montomery MN. (website)

Summer 1969: Casey appeared at Ron Saxon Ford on University Ave.  Sam Picotte recalls, “I was ten years old. I won a “Footsie”toy for telling him a joke. I’ll never forget that.”

October 4, 1969:  Casey and Roundhouse were scheduled for new shows at the Memorial High School gym in Eau Claire Wisc.  (Eau Claire Daily Telegram Oct 3, 1969)

1971:  Casey and Roundhouse appeared at the Woodbury Days parade. (Woodbury Patch website)

December 4, 1971:  Casey appeared at the Mayor’s Christmas Party in St. Paul.

February 1972:  Roundhouse appears at the Blue and Gold Cub Scout Banquet in Wadena MN  (Pioneer Journal Feb 24, 1972)

July 1974:  Roundhouse was the Grand Marshal of the Riverboat Days parade in Winnona MN (Winona Daily News July 7 1974)

June 1976:  Roundhouse was scheduled to appear at Paul Bunyan Center in Brainerd on Jun 26 and 27, 1976.  (Brainerd Daily Dispach May 27, 1976)

September 1976:   Roundhouse is in Brianerd, MN for a personal appearance when he suffers a fatal heart attack on Sept 3, 1976

Fall 1983:  Casey Jones appears with T.N.Tatters at Minar Ford in New Brighton.   See the TV commercial!

August 24, 2001:  Casey makes an appearance with KARE at the Minnesota State Fair.  (press release)


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