Breakfast with Casey – 1983

Tom Rivers was working with Roger Awsumb at KRSI/KJJO radio in 1982. WFBT was getting ready to launch on Channel 29, so they went to the station management and pitched the idea of a new Casey Jones show.

The photo shows several characters featured on the show, from left to right: Captain Cookie, Uncle Sven the Mailman (Tom Rivers), Charlie Caboose (Jim Barber), Brakeman Brad (Brad Walton) and Casey Jones.

Tom remembers, “we used to tape on a Thursday. I was working full time overnights, rocking the Twin Cities on K-JO 104, then shoot over to the U-of-M where I was working thru grad school. Little time to sleep back then.”

Thanks to Tom Rivers for sharing these photos and memories

Check out these rare clips from the show.