Bob Duerr from the Como Park Zoo


We all remember Bob Duerr’s frequent visits to Lunch With Casey.   This is a vintage press photo from 1967.   The caption that came with the photo reads “What a way to weigh a python.  Bob Duerr, Como Zoo reptile keeper, stands on a scale with a 16-foot, 1-inch female regal python wrapped around him 1/9 at the yearly weighing of the snake.  The python weighed 12 1/2 pounds.  Carlos Pyhaluete, zoo foreman, adjusts the scales.  Duerr said in the short time the snake was wrapped around him the circulation in his legs was cut off in the snake’s crush.”

Bob Duerr also run’s Bob’s Snake House at the Minnesota State Fair.  Here is a video by Mike Hazard from 2012 featuring Bob.

Does anyone have photos of Bob Duerr with Casey? Please share!

Funny note:  I remember going to Como Zoo as a kid.  I begged by folks to take me, just because I had seen Bob Duerr on Lunch With Casey.  Bob’s visits to the show were great PR.

Updated: July 19, 2014 — 5:24 pm