Sep 222010
About Casey Jones

The 1950’s and 60’s were a special time for children in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each day there was a kiddy television show called Lunch With Casey. It featured Roger Awsumb as railroad engineer Casey Jones and aired on WTCN channel 11. Roger Awsumb was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota on July 10, 1928 to Ardin and [more]

Feb 252016
Mystery Casey Jones Photo

Here’s a photo of Casey that I found years ago.   Not sure where it came from, where it was taken, or even when it happened.   It appears to be Casey making an appearance at a Halloween event of some kind.  My guess is this is sometime in the early or mid-90s.    Anyone have any info [more]

Feb 132016
Casey Jones and Billy Boy Syrup

Johnny Kumpula shared these pictures of a can of Billy Boy Syrup with a Casey Jones promotion attached.   As best I can tell, this dates to the late 50’s. Information about Billy Boy Syrup is hard to come by.   I found a couple newspaper ads dating from 1959.   It was produced by William Barnes, Inc. [more]

Oct 072015
Remembering Jimmy Jenson

Jimmy Jenson, known as the “Swingin’ Swede,” passed away on August 7, 2015 at the age of 84.    Jimmy is best known to fans of Lunch with Casey for his rendition of “Walking in My Winter Underwear.”    Roger Awsumb, as Casey Jones, would lip sync to the song in a popular clip from the [more]

Aug 092015
Lunch With Casey in TV Guide 1961

This advertisement appeared a couple times in TV Guide in 1961-62.  At some point in 1961, the Casey Jones program moved from the 5PM slot back to it’s traditional 12 noon time slot.  This is when the show name officially became “Lunch With Casey.” Casey’s show started in 1954 at noon and held that slot [more]